Preeti Prakash is a writer and creator of The Culture Jasoos podcast where she talks about consuming cinema and pop-culture with a desi feminist lens. Growing up in different parts of the country has given her a resident outsider status that she exploits in her day to day by switching loyalties and accents depending on her audience. 

She has a M.A. in Media Studies from The New School (Parsons, New York) with a focus on documentary film. She has worked as a journalist, videomaker and as a creative brand strategist. She has an insatiable appetite for true crime stories and is an intrepid traveler who enjoys going to countries ‘sensible’ people are advised to avoid, and her solo backpack travels have taken her to Sarajevo, Odessa, Tirana, Sofia, Podgorica, Azores, and other places off the tourist trail.

She is currently working on her debut narrative non-fiction book, Outlaws without in-laws, which is a badass, ‘girly’ guide to navigating marriage, heartbreak and divorce in urban India. The book chronicles the author’s own brush with marital dysfunction and captures the lived experiences of the first wave of Indian women reclaiming their life narratives in the aftermath of a big, bad, Indian divorce. Outlaws without in-laws seeks to dismantle the culture of shame and silence around divorce by poking fun at the establishment with its subversive, humorous, topical take on a ‘taboo’ topic such as this in a language and tone our era deserves.