Saumyaa Vohra is a writer and editor. She’s currently the Lifestyle Editor at GQ India, and was previously the Editorial Head at LBB, Delhi, and the Features Editor at Cosmopolitan India. She’s been published in various other publications as well, including Vogue Italia, The Hindu, HT Brunch, Harper’s Bazaar India, GQ Espana, GQ Russia, GQ Italia, GQ France, GQ South Africa, Cosmopolitan Sri Lanka, Outlook, Gaysi Mag, Asiaville and more.

Over her nine-year career, she’s become fairly entrenched in the country’s (and especially the city’s) fashion and lifestyle network. She’s been part of various lists for women at the top of their profession by homegrown fashion, beauty and lifestyle labels and organizations. A fun person to hang out with, despite her penchant for Bad British panel shows, boxing classes, baking needlessly elaborate desserts and cats that don’t love her back. She’s also bisexual, an unflinching feminist—even when it’s terribly inconvenient and not particularly cute—and somehow still manages to have a sense of humour and several unburnt bras. She is working on her first novel, One Night Only, represented by A Suitable Agency.