Photo credit: Ameya Nagarajan

Pallavi Nath has had a 19-year career, of which 17 years were in corporate HR in regional, APAC and global leadership roles with both multinational and Indian organisations. She has worked with more than 800 people across the world as a personal coach. She studied Economics at Lady Shri Ram College and got an MBA from IIM, Indore.

A certified Lifebook Leader, Pallavi brings together her skills as a brain-based coach and energy aligner to enable her clients get results in all 12 categories of life. She also co-hosts the Fat.So? podcast.

She describes herself as fat, female, forty; divorced, non-parent, explorer of the self; as just some parts of her fierce and fantastic current lived experience. Her life is about becoming truer to who she is at her core. A strong believer in the power of ‘as-one-is’, unleashing one’s potential by owning one’s own uniqueness. She can be found on @pallavi108 on Instagram.

Pallavi is co-authoring a whip-smart, eye-opening book with Ameya Nagarajan that goes beyond discussing fatphobia to interrogate society’s complicity in enabling this menace.