Mumbai-based Sonali Gupta is one of India’s leading clinical psychologists with 18 years of experience in the field. She is a consulting psychologist for Tinder India. She consults with Spotify India as a mental health expert around emotional wellbeing and mental wellness.

Her fortnightly column in Mint Lounge titled ‘Heart of the Matter’ focuses on love, intimacy, understanding emotions, and mental health in general.

Sonali’s expertise lies at the intersection of grief, relationships, anxiety, compassion and resilience. She works with young adults, artists, couples, as well as NGOs and corporates. Her aim is to help her clients enhance their emotional well-being, find their own answers and work towards building satisfying relationships and a fulfilling life.

Her first book Anxiety: Overcome It and Live without Fear was published by HarperCollins in May 2020. A Suitable Agency is representing her new book on ‘Grief’. Sonali fits this often-taboo subject into an Indian context. She addresses all the broad contours of grief as it occurs in our daily lives–from the death of a loved one, to job losses, betrayals of friendship, miscarriages, the decline of parents’ health, and more—and her sensitive and practical advice will be of help to all those who are grieving or caring for those who are.