Bulbul Sharma is a painter and writer based in New Delhi. Her interests range from art and nature to social commentaries and detective fiction and this is reflected in the impressive list of books she has authored. Her 21 published books include the highly acclaimed My Sainted Aunts, The Anger of Aubergines, Banana Flower Dreams,  Shaya Tales, Eating Women and Grey Hornbills at Dusk. Her books have been translated into Italian, French, German, Chinese, Spanish and Finnish. 

She is also well known for her children’s books and these include Fabled Book of Gods and Demons  and The Children’s Ramayana, Walking through the Hills, Fantastic Creatures from Indian Mythology and Dancing with Birds.

Her forthcoming book, Epic Love Stories, narrates the timeless tales of Sita and Ram, Radha and Krishna, Shiva and Parvati and other divine pairings whose unions are magical but who have to face the same joys and sorrows as earthly couples. The stories are accompanied by beautiful illustrations by the author and Shonali Shukla.