Photo Credit: Ashish Rane

Fiona Fernandez is a well-known journalist and author.

With a penchant for literature, the arts, heritage, streetscapes and all things Mumbai, Fiona’s heart beats for the city like no other. A penmanship journey that started as an avid quizzer, has allowed her to explore and bring insights from the field to the fore with ease, wit and charm. From the Sports desk at TOI, to Features Editor, Mid-day, Fiona continues to unearth and shine the light on unique gems, experiences and delights unbeknownst to most, while simultaneously assuming the ‘call to action’ voices of Lady Flora and Sir P.M. in her weekly ‘Bombaynama’ column, to rally around UNESCO World Heritage Sites as well as historic sights, sounds and smells of the island city and its suburbs. 

Fiona’s published works include the highly-rated Ten Heritage Walks of Mumbai and Bombay Meri Jaan: A Quiz Book. She has co-written The Mumbai Factfile and contributed towards anthologies like Urban Voice 3, apart from supporting heritage campaigns across the city.

Ever the wanderlust, Fiona has the knack to tuck away someplace in the city and re-emerge with a story, sound byte or factoid that will draw a connection, across age groups. Her book, H for Heritage: Mumbai, is another celebration of her never-ending love affair with the city. It was released in March, 2023.