Huma Qureshi epitomizes the outsider who has triumphed in the glittering world of Bollywood. In the decade she has been in the industry she has emerged as a name synonymous with stardom. Her journey from the bylanes of Delhi to the grandeur of the Indian film industry is nothing short of inspiring. Huma possesses a unique voice, which she fearlessly uses to carve out her niche. She has meticulously charted her own career path, acting in films in Hindi and Regional (now Pan India) films, in shows on streaming platforms as well as in international films. What sets Huma apart is her ability to effortlessly transcend mediums and platforms. In 2022, Huma embarked on a new chapter by starting her own production house. She continues her trailblazing journey with this book, her debut work as an author.

Her debut novel Zeba: An Accidental Superhero is represented by A Suitable Agency and will be published by HarperCollins India in December 2023.